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2021-2023 Regeneration 

Christina McPhee makes collapsing and regenerating landscapes that blend technological precision with notions about place-making and interspecies community. A native of California, she traces her practice of drawing in nature to her childhood in the rural West, where resource exploitation manifests in earthquakes, wildfires, oil spills, and species loss...Although she works across a range of media, the drawn line is always central, forming a connective tissue within and between works that join elements into cosmologies and vast interrelated systems.

 - Beth Venn, curator, Christina McPhee: Regeneration, KinoSaito Art Center, Verplank, Hudson Valley, New York, spring 2022.

Images and documentation of exhibition at Kino Saito (link)

Christina McPhee: Regeneration, gallery talk/book, 2023

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