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Irenic Projects
Pasadena, California
March - July 2020

Mexican poet Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1648-1695),  wrote twenty brief Enigma poems in the colonial Viceroy of New Spain. Contentious, paradoxical and perverse, she matters now because her writing grapples with truth and speech: “What is that audacity/ with such great presumption/ that possibly being reason/fakes being idiocy?”The Enigma poems snare by way of seductive surfaces of language, while timbre and rhythm matter as much as her interrogative demands. You get the sense that Sor Juana is breathing contradiction like oxygen. Enigmas, in the original Baroque Spanish and in translation by Stalina Emmanuelle Villarreal. were published recently with Senal, an imprint of Ugly Duckling Press, New York. 

Curated by Mike Hernandez, for Irenic Projects, Pasadena, 2020 
Group exhibition:  Otherwise/Revival, at Bridge Projects, Los Angeles, 2021
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